Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sensual Journal Project

About 19 months ago I sent off a journal I created for the Sensual Journal project. The premise was that each participant would create a journal with a theme that would be shared with six other members of the group. Each participant would work in an other's journal and each entry had to relate to four of the five senses (sight, tough, taste, smell and hearing). You did your entry, mailed off the journal to the next person on your list and received another journal in its place. And so it went. I worked in some amazing journals with varied themes. Time was one. Journey was another. One was Quotes. I can't remember the others at the moment, but each journal was truly unique and wonderful and I had a remarkably good time adding my art to each journal.

My journal, Water, came home last Friday and a thing of beauty it is! The six artists who worked in my little book each did an amazing job and while each relates perfectly to the theme, each entry couldn't be more different. I have scrutinized each and every page several times and I keep fining more and more little details that thrill me. It's a beautiful book and I will cherish it always.

To Deb, Mary, Heather, Sue, Dawn and Joanna my deepest thanks. Kudos to you all! You have created something so special and so meaningful to me that words fail.



Meri said...

Exquisite! What a treat to get your own collaborative journal back and exclaim over its beauty, while knowing that each participant is doing the same. Working together, even if only conceptually, is special.

diane b said...

What a great idea and how interestingly different each page is. It must be a joy for you to receive it back.

Anonymous said...

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