Saturday, March 06, 2010

My New Neighbors

My DH and I have been seeing a lot of a little Rufus Hummingbird in our back yard. The other morning, DH called me into the bedroom and, pointing out the window, showed me why we have been seeing so much of this beautiful little birdie. Lo and behold, right outside the window, in very plain view, not five feet from the window glass was a nest, with two very perky and healthy occupants. I feel rather dull not to have noticed this before now, but in my defense, on that very window ledge sit six gorgeous blooming phalenopsis orchids. I get distracted easily with big, flashy orchid blooms.

Now, of course, I can't stay away from the window and keep popping back into the bedroom to see what's happening with the new neighbors. Having these precious birds right outside my window seems to me to be the most precious gift I can imagine.


Gwen said...

How utterly cool! It is indeed a wonderful present, Happy Birthday to you!!

It is a marvelous symbol to start a new birthday year.

Meri said...

How thrilling! Keep the feeder filled. I've not seen my hummingbird neighbors for a couple of months, so I hope they're just on vacation.