Thursday, April 08, 2010

Doing what I love best (Self-Portrait Friday)


Have I mentioned how much I love the process of painting? When I get into "the zone" it feels free and exhilarating like swimming or dancing. I lose all track of time and place, I am just moving and flowing and color and texture. It's magic. When I was young I only ever felt that way when I was swimming. Now I have painting, too. Lucky me.

O, lucky lucky me!

Painted in Lynne Perrella's Go For Baroque class at ArtFest 2010


diane b said...

I'm glad it makes you so happy. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting but I get too frustrated and give up. I love the colours in the portrait.
You may enjoy Cindy's blog She is an artist too.

Artoholic said...

Hi Michele,

Such a lively controlled explosion of colour and energy - I love it! It's a wonderful feeling to get "lost" in your art, with no thoughts or cares apart from what is happening beneath your fingers.

And Diane is here too - she's also a lively controlled explosion! Full of adventures.



Clarissa Callesen said...

That was great class wasn't it.. I still have a lot to do on my piece but did so enjoy the experience...