Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self Portrait Friday 24 hours late....again

My dear friend Gwen sent me a link to a fascinating little video about manipulating Pogo prints. I am having a great time trying different ideas and while I can't say I've gotten it down pat, I am making progress. Best of all, I'm having a great time!
(In case you haven't yet met Pogo printer by Polaroid, check it out!)

Photo Manipulation: Zink-PoGo from Frenky on Vimeo.


diane b said...

Looks like a load of fun if you have the pogo printer and lots of time. Show us some more of yours.

Gwen said...

Love the self portrait! I have only done the double exposures so far, check them out on my blog...

I am glad you liked the video, but i knew you would!


Artoholic said...

I love that purple on your portrait - such a great piece!



Meri said...

Funny! Self portraits are always so challenging, but at least you can delete the ones you positively loathe. I know you posted a few days ago, but the hurried-er I go, the behind-er I get.