Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Odds and Ends, by Emily Carr (1871-1945), Canadian painter

I spend two nights in Victoria, BC just before the New Year. Nonie and I had a little after Christmas holiday and we had a lovely time. The weather was clear but cold and it was beautiful. I enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations and some of the after Christmas sales. The photo shows yours truly with the Emily Carr statue near the Empress Hotel. Emily Carr is one of my favorite painters. Besides having this photo taken, I got a chance to see the house where she was born and raised and also to go to the new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. It was a great show! If you find yourself in Victoria, head on over and take a look. You won't be disappointed!

The Inner Harbour at night, all decked out in Christmas lights. It was magical.
This was the view from our room at the Inn at Laurel Point, looking west towards the Outer Harbour.
The Emily Carr House at 207 Government Street.
You know how when you live or visit a place you often don't go to the tourist sights? I've been going to Victoria for years and for years I have never ventured to visit the Craigdarroch Castle. This trip Nonie and I decided to go, and am I glad! It was an amazing house and the visit was great fun. Visitors are allowed to explore all over the house, from the ground floor to the very top of the house (where the views are spectacular!). The Castle was all decked out in Christmas finery.
This photo of the entry hall was taken looking straight up. It's an amazing space. It cost a fortune when it was built, something like $30,000. Now? It would be an astronomical expense to create such woodwork in this day and age, if you could even find the craftsmen to do it.
I believe this room is called the study. It was a lovely room. The stained glass window over the fireplace was an especially lovely detail.
The ceilings in the formal, public rooms all over the Castle were amazing. Note the lion head in the corner plaster work.

The diningroom was decorated for a Christmas feast and tableware was lovely. I was especially taken with the mother-of-pearl flatware.

The stag carvings is so Scottish! You can guess the Dunsmuir family's heritiage from this detail alone.
This is the breakfast room. I love the morning light that comes through the beautiful windows.
The room below is the smoking parlour---there was even a hubble-bubble on display.

I wonder, justwhat does today's date signify? I know it's already a third of the way through January, much to my horror and disbelief, but 1.11.11 seems so....I don't know.....cool? Weird? Maybe just graphic! But it's something to make note of, at the veryleast.
(And, no, Dear Reader, I am not superstitious about the date!)

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diane b said...

Victoria is a beautiful city. I would have liked longer there. The castle I didn't see but it is magic. Wait for the !!.!!.!! that will even be weirder.