Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look What I Got for Christmas!

My eldest daughter, the one who was married in September, and her divine husband, now known as Uncle Critter, had a surprise for the whole family. Apparently J is a walking advertisement for, as she put it, high school sex education classes....You CAN get pregnant the first time as this baby was conceived on their honeymoon weekend.

They expectant parents have had some testing done already and know that the little one is a girl.

Early summer will bring the newest of our granddaughters. My heart is over flowing!


Michele Attaway said...

Congrats! I can tell she's very beautiful and so smart:)

Meri said...

Hurray! In 2009, I got a baby grandson for Mother's Day. That was special......... Happy New Year.

diane b said...

Congratulations. At least they did it the right way round not like my daughter and SIL who had the baby first then got married .