Monday, January 17, 2011

My Love Affair with Chutney

I love chutney. I've been making chutney for thirty years or more now, and every batch is different and every batch is, to me, yummy. My children are not big chutney fans and my husband is only a lukewarm chutney fan. But many of my friends are big chutney fans, bless their hearts, and so I always make a few extra jars to pass on. (Play your cards right, Patoire and Baaaaauuuuuugghb, and there might be new jar or two in your future!)

Yesterday, while reading the Pacific Magazine that is included in the Sunday Seattle Times, I came across a recipe for Old Fashioned Chicken Curry. Now, I had to admit that the recipe for the curry looked pretty good (and I plan to try it out tomorrow), but what really caught my eye was the little blurb that read, "A recipe for Spicy Pear and Dried Cherry Chutney can be found at" I had to immediately get online to check it out.

I made a batch this afternoon and IT IS DELICIOUS! If you are a big fan of chutney, you might want to try this recipe. It gets five stars in my book.

I have to ask, Dear Reader, but does anyone else out there just love a peanut butter and chutney sandwich?


diane b said...

I'm a chutney fan and I have noticed Bill is taking to it more often than he used to. I don't make it because I have friends who are always giving me jars of it. All different kinds but never cherry and pear. I don't eat peanut butter but Bill does I'll have t get him to try it.

Jennie said...

YUCK! :) Just kidding. Love you mom.

Kellie said...

I made cranberry chutney once and I really liked it. Em actually ate it too.

Gwen said...

I have never thought of chutney and PB, but it sounds DIVINE!! I also love chutney!