Monday, April 11, 2011

ArtFest Report: Tuesday, ArtFest "Eve"

 Last week was ArtFest week.  As is our usual habit, Nonie and I took off for Port Townsend on Tuesday, so we could do some shopping and get into the swing of AF.

Our first stop was at Akamai Art & Glass, the biggest little art store in the world.  They, literally, have everything I have ever needed to purchase for a class.  Besides that, Joanna and Co. are a delight---friendly, fun and very, very pink.  (Even the receipts are pink!)

 Just looking at the colors of the pastels got me into an ArtFest mood.  I don't even work in pastel, but I wanted to buy them all, just to fill my eyes with that glorious color.  Besides, they scream, "Pick me up!"
Well, okay, maybe they don't scream at you, but they do scream at me.  They are so tactile.

Everywhere I looked I saw something I wanted to either take a picture of, or buy.  I did buy some new shoes.  Basic black.  Those I didn't photograph.  I did like the look of the empty chai bottles at Leilani's Coffee shop.

Even the English daisies in the grass caught my eye.
 Nonie and I had a nice beach walk after we checked into our room at The Commander's Beach House.  We always spend Tuesday night there.  The downstairs room.  Very cute, very quiet, very comfortable.

This XO message is for my friend, Bee, who was unable to join us at ArtFest this year.  Bee's absence was the only not perfect thing about the whole experience.

And, finally, the obligatory close up of a piece of beach log.  It was just so perfect I had to snap a shot of it.  

Tomorrow, Day One of ArtFest.  Stay tuned!

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diane b said...

You sound so excited it is fun to read. Love the last arty shot. Have fun!