Friday, April 01, 2011

My Beauties

Three of my 5 3/4 grandchildren are my son and daughter-in-laws little girls.  They are, to my biased eyes, beautiful.  (They are also funny, intelligent, goofy, stubborn, adorable, pesky and perfect....)

Their mother recently took them for professional photos.  The photographer, Kayla of Kayla J Photography, was very adept at getting really great shots of all three of them.  Besides showing their best sides, she also managed to capture their personalities.  Well done, Kayla!

I love all the shots that she got, but thought I would only inflict you with four....


diane b said...

You are not biased they are adorable. Three gorgeous girls. Where are the other 2 3/4 photos.

Grove Street Journal said...

I cannot believe how big they are! They are indeed beautiful and I agree that one of the little rascals looks like Grandma P. Love you mom.