Monday, November 14, 2011

Finish Stocking....Check!

I know that I have written about making this stocking for my newest grandchild before, the child her mother calls "Bumbus."  I actually finished it the other night.  In November!  Not on the late afternoon of December 24th!  Finished it completely----clipped all the threads, hand-sewed it together with tiny little stitches where it had to be hand finished, used the scary sewing machine for the big seams, ironed it, patted it, praised it and then I cleaned up my mess!

I really like the mouse.  Actually I love the mouse.

The bird is okay but the mouse rocks!

It was a lot of work but I enjoyed almost all of it....I did mention the scary sewing machine, didn't I?  I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with sewing machines.  I love the speed of zipping through a long seam and the strength of that seam, but they never ever do what I want the first time and often, when they do comply it is with a sort of sullen, grumpy, "oh, all right, if you insist" attitude.  (Rather like a teenager....ever try to get one to take out the trash without a dump truck load of attitude?)

But the stocking is finished.  I am happy with it.  I sure hope my granddaughter, little Bumbus, loves it, too.  What if she doesn't?

Oh, dear.....


Chris said...

Awe-some!!! I love it. I also think that the mouse rocks. Thank you so much for giving us a sneak peak.

Chris said...

Awe-some!!! I absolutely love it. I agree, the mouse rocks the house. Thank you very much for giving us this sneak peak.

kareninkenai said...

Beautiful work, YOU ROCK! Love the had stitching and beading. Thanks for sharing. kareninkenai

Grove Street Journal said...

Little Bumbus will LOVE it! : ) Thank you so very much!