Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Talkin' Turkey

L to R: Daddy to the little ones, Em,  Granty and the Birthday Boy (Grandpa)
Once upon a November evening, a family gathered together to celebrate the Grandpa's birthday.  There was a meal of comfort food, the family gathered around the table, passing bowls and butter and hogging the mashed potatoes.  This family will, unfortunately, not all be together on Thanksgiving this year, so the birthday celebration was a sort of Thanksgiving celebration, too.  As is the tradition of this family, chocolate turkeys were at the places of the three youngest family members present (there are younger family members who, alas, were not present for this dinner).  Chocolate turkeys are the best part of any Thanksgiving celebration, in the opinion of the children at the table (and may well be an opinion held by some who are not, um, exactly young anymore....but I digress).

Emma is demonstrating how you can make a much grander tail for the foil-wraplped turkey by the addition of a sandal wood fan to said turkey's posterior

The most amazing thing about this particular family tradition is that, as the chocolate turkeys are unwrapped and then eaten by the children, the chocolate turkey speaks!  It says things like, "Noooo, don't take off my lovely foil feathers!  It's cold!"  and "Why are  you licking me??!?" in a high, squeaky voice.

This year for the first time, the Twins really participated in the turkey torture.  They loved the talking turkey.  They, pardon the pun, ate it up.

"Not my feet!  No, don't eat my feet!"
"No!  NO! No, don't eat my head!  I can't gobble if you eat my head!"
"Nooooo!  Not you, too!  Not my beautiful feathered tail!"

Sometimes it is difficult to understand that the turkey really is complaining so bitterly, especially if you are only three....

"It's really dark down here!  Where am I!  It sort of feels like I'm inside a tummy!!!"

....but it becomes funnier and funnier as the chocolate turkeys are devoured and the talking turkey makes more and more outrageous (and outraged) squawks.

The turkey continues to complain, and the girls continue to gnaw off pieces of their chocolate, with relish.

Em has loved the talking turkey for many (well at least four) years now.  She loves to torture the poor bird.  She looks forward to Thanksgiving each year so she can slowly dismantle the chocolate turkey and ignore it's pleas.

Ah, the young can be cruel to a poor chocolate turkey.

And this year we managed to get a picture of the crabby turkey, the turkey who complains and whines and begs not to be eaten.  Remarkably, it bears a striking resemblance to Granty Nonie.  Who knew?


diane b said...

A fun post. Those talking turkeys sound loads of fun. Lovely shots of the kid's expressions oh and granty's too

Grove Street Journal said...

We were so sad to miss it!!! Next year! Love to you all...

Kellie said...

Haha! I love this pictures.

Kellie said...

HAHA! I love these pictures.