Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nonie's Birthday "Season"

When Nonie's birthday arrived last week I was still in California hanging out with my little Bumbus, so I owed Nonie a birthday dinner.  In our family we like to celebrate a birthday for more than just one day and we call this having a birthday season.  If you are interested in this concept you can read about it here.  Anyway, I owed her a dinner and Sunday we got together to share some seafood, a libation (or two) and a good catching up session.

I had picked Anthony's Home Port restaurant, here in my little town, and they did not disappoint.  Besides good vino and excellent seafood, the view out the windows was wonderful.  It turns out that many of the boats from the local yacht club are all decked out in Christmas splendor.  From our table we had a fine view.

I should have remembered that this unusual Christmas display happens each year, but I didn't.  I am always surprised to see boats all decked out with Christmas lights run up the masts and inflatable Santas and snowmen manning the decks.

It really is a festive and cheerful display and adds a happy seasonal note to the marina at the darkest time of the year.  We braved the cold and took a stroll down to the edge of the pier after dinner to get a better look.


Grove Street Journal said...

Happy Birthday Season to Nola and the boats are STUNNING!

diane b said...

Nonie sure looks like she is having a happy birthday season. What a great view from the restaurant. You did well with the night shots. Mine are always blurry unless I use a tripod (can't be bothered). The boats look terrific.