Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Short Message from Bumbus

My Gramma Gramma is staying with me for a few days.  My mommy had to go to Tennessee for a conference and my Daddy is very busy studying for law school exams.  I promised to keep Gramma Gramma busy and entertained.  I have been doing all my tricks for her.  She seemed somewhat surprised that I can pull my feet all the way to my mouth....

...the look on her face made me laugh.

She surprised me, too, by giving me a wonderful food.  It's call peas.  Do you know peas?  They are delicious.

Ah. Peas.....you really ought to try them.  So splendidly green and toothsome.  (If only I had teeth.)


diane b said...

I bet Gramma gramma is having loads of fun looking after you. Give her lots of poohie nappies/oops diapers in your language. You look so cute smiling and eating yummy peas.

kareninkenai said...

So wonderful of you to share the family; know you are having lots and lots of fun. Take care. Karen