Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Three Delightful Days

My dear friend was here for a three day visit.  She lives 3000 miles away and I haven't seen her since last summer but even just three days together is a joy.  We laughed so much!  Every time we are together again we pick up our conversation where we left off, seamlessly.  

Bee & Heidi, the owner of The Artful Ewe
We spent one night in Port Townsend, a favorite place of ours.  On our way to Port Townsend we stopped at The Artful Ewe, a beautiful yarn shop in Port Gamble.  The shop owner gave my friend Bee a lesson in using a drop spindle to create yarn.

Bee uses textiles in her work.  This shop surely did have a lot of great yarns and roving from which to choose.  Heidi, the owner, has lovely things in amazing colors, many of which she hand dyes herself.

We spent a very rainy, cold morning walking and beach combing at Fort Worden State Park.  We didn't find many treasures to take away with us, but we both took a lot of photos.

This sun star was gorgeous and we took turns taking shots of it.  This often happens when we are on a beach together....taking turns taking a photo.  We see things in much the same way.

Lucky me to have had my friend come to visit, even though it was much too short and it went by in a flash.  I'll take what I can get---and be grateful.

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diane b said...

You sound like you ha a great time together. It is wonderful to have such close friends to share your hobbies with. It is a shame that she lives so far away. Love your photos. I have a friend who would adore that shop. She does a lot of weaving and other textile crafts.