Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boot Lust

My daughter-in-law is having her birthday party at my DH's cabin this weekend.  Kellie & Don have invited a whole herd of friends to come celebrate the birthday (and her brother Trevor's birthday, too).  And Memorial Day will have its due.

Kellie decided she wanted to have a cowboy/cowgirl party.  She requested that all the attendees dress the part.  Now, here comes the confession.  I have had boot lust for quite some time.  I saw these amazing embroidered boots in a catalog.  I have visited the website just to look at the photo of them, and drool.  They were costly.  I don't need them.  Really.  I. Do. Not. Need. Them.

But then Kellie decided we all needed to dress the part.  So, you could say that now I did need them!  (Not having any boots of the cowboy variety....)

I bought them.  I love them.  I have been keeping them on my dresser, like art.  I admire them every time I enter or exit my bedroom.  They are just so dang cool!

And then, of course, I needed a shirt....

I am not really a Western shirt sort of girl.  I am more the ethnic, embroidered, hippie-style (from my youth) kind of girl.  I found this shirt, which appealed to my Boho side and still had a sort of Western wear vibe.  I did not need it.  Really.  I didn't.  But.....for the party.  For wouldn't want me to disappoint Kellie by not dressing the part, would you?

I do have to admit I think I'll be a bit more Rodeo Drive than rodeo!


Grove Street Journal said...

The boots are beautiful! And I love the top! Can't wait to hear about the weekend's adventures.

Gwen said...

You do know that you will need to post a photo of your bad self in this regalia, don't you?

LOVE the boots and the shirt, from one old hippie to another!