Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ocean Adventure, Day 7

I took a nature printing on fabric class from Sharron Huffman, a long-time member of the Nature Printing Society and a wonderful teacher.

Sharron showed us how to use Soft Scrub (containing bleach) to remove dye from fabric.  We used leaves, grass, flowers, feather and shells as the vehicle for the bleach.  I have quite a few little pieces of different fabrics that I discharged printed but I don't have them handy.  (We have to leave in the morning to return home and we're in the process of cleaning up the condo and packing up the car.  Unfortunately the fabric is already buried in the car and I am too lazy to go dig it out to take photos to show you what I did.  I will post photos in the next day or two, once I return home.)  I got the best results from salal leaves, I think, which surprised me.  I did some prints with a dandelion flower that turned out quite well, too.  The batik fabric I used discharged very well and I got some really pleasing results.

Nonie and I ran into this fellow on a walk this afternoon.  He, too, is not the least bit afraid of us.  I must admit that I greatly admire the velvet on those antlers.  Quite a handsome fellow, don't you agree?

Our last dinner on the peninsula was stellar.  We dined at The Depot in Seaview.  We'd been told it was  a foodie's dream and we were not led astray.  Nonie had a steak that, judging by the way it disappeared, was very much to her liking.  I had Willipa oysters and they were wonderful, served with a light garlic aioli.  I was so full I couldn't even consider having any of the delectable desserts I saw pass the table.  It's a cute place and the food is worth the drive.  If you are in the area, don't miss dining here!

Heading back north to home soon.  Don't forget to stop by again soon to see the fabrics I discharged dyed in Sharron's class....


Unknown said...

What a great week you've had! Your photos make me want to plan a trip to see in person what you captured so beautifully.

diane b said...

Somehow I've missed some posts. So I'm reading them backwards. I don't understand what you did with the printing but the results were stunning.