Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Visit to The Gray Lady

I am off, at an unseemly early hour, for my annual visit with my best friend on Nantucket.  Lucky me!  I will try to blog with my iPad, but I make no promises.  I've had little success before and may well not be able to figure it out this time.  But I will try.

I recently reread Mary Starbuck's slim volume of poetry Nantucket and Other Verses.   It has 1911 as the copywrite date.  I have a lovely little reprint, in a slipcase, by American Perspective, Ltd of Brighton, MI, 2004.  My favorite poem is the title one.


"Just a sandy wind-swept island!"
What more would you have it be,
With a turquoise sky above it,
Around it a sapphire sea?

When its dawns are pearl and opal, 
Its moons are crystals clear,
And its sunsets shower down gold dust
Till the diamond stars appear,----

When to those who are born on the island,
And to many from over the sea,
"Tis fairer than all its jewels,
What more does it need to be?

Well, for me, it needs to shelter my BFF----and it does!  I can't wait to see it in its September glory.  Bee says September is a fine month on Nantucket.

I'll let you know how I find it!


diane b said...

Hee hee I had to consult Mr Google to really understand your blog. First I looked up maps to find out where it is. I remember you went there before but I had a feeling it was an island of the North West Coast I was surprised to find it is on the other side of the country. That's a fair way to go. Do you fly all the way? then I had to check out BFF. I'm such a dodo when it comes to text shortcuts. Im sure you are going to have a great time with your BFF and doing your art workshop. Looking forward to some pics from Nantucket. It is a nice sounding name. Any wonder there is a book of poems about it. The window boxes and poem are lovely.

Unknown said...

Have a great time!! Nantucket is such a beautiful spot for a get-away!

Photocat said...

Hah, Nantucket... Thinking back to Cheaper by the Dozen. Two books of my all time favorite books. The family travelled every summer to Nantucket. Great photographs of an Island filled with goodness.