Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Morning Walk

Take THIS New England!!!
Autumn has truly arrived in Edmonds.  It's cold in the morning---nippy and chill.  The leaves are turning glorious colors.  We have been enjoying a long, beautiful stretch of glorious weather with afternoon temperatures in the low 70s.  Alas, that seems to be changing and now it's overcast and gray.

I took a different route this morning on my daily walk and went past the inter-tidal  marsh that is a bird sanctuary.  I didn't see too  many birds, but with the tide way out today, the grasses looked particularly
pretty in their autumn colors.

There were quite a few lovely ripe blackberries along the way, too.  A sort of pre-breakfast for me!

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Unknown said...

One of my favorite walks when I'm visiting! Have missed your posts!