Monday, December 31, 2012

All Around Delhi

First of all, let me say that I absolutely love a country that knows how to make (and serve) a good cup of tea.  Ah.....I drank tea and more tea all over India and had not one bad cup.  To the entire subcontinent let me say, "Thank you."

One of the very first things we did in Delhi was to take a bicycle rickshaw ride to Chandni Chowk, the market in Old Delhi.  It is a labyrinth of alleys and streets, shops and people and smells, honking cars, motor bikes, bicycle rickshaws and crowds and the occasional wandering cow.  It was amazing!  I loved the ride and had a thoroughly wonderful time gawking. 

I must say, the wiring reminded me of China....

There were sari shops displaying their wedding finery.  We were there during the height of the wedding season and almost every night we heard (if we didn't see) weddings going on all around our hotels.  There were lights and loud music, lots of guests coming and going, the groom and his family and entourage would arrive in splendor and it was exciting to see.  Many of the grooms came by white stallion.  Some come in elaborate silver wedding carriages.  Others came in cars, the poor fellows, but at least the cars were all decorated and festive.  Everything to do with the weddings is bright, loud, glittery and fun!

This is my lunch one day, an onion uthapam---a sort of pizza-like dish.  It was delicious.  Many of the restaurants are vegetarian and I had a lot of great vegetarian food while in India.

Nonie at a museum
I hope this will give you a taste of what is to come.  I am still trying to figure out how to move some photos around so I can post them.  Please bear with me....I'm not particularly good at solving computer issues and I'm trying to figure this out as quickly as I can.

Happy New Year!


diane b said...

I can almost hear the sounds and smell the smells. I am going to enjoy this trip with you because I doubt I will ever get to India. There's nothing better than a good cup of tea when travelling. Europeans and Americans seem to have a problem with making tea.There is a lot of news about the protests in India over the gang rape of a woman and her death. All those beautiful weddings you saw are still arranged, I believe.

Judy Wise said...

Loving the armchair trip to India; what fun. I really want to taste that onion chapatti thingy; boy it looks good. One of my favorite things about travel is tasting new foods. And I think I can almost taste that.

Happy New Year.

Mary Ann said...

more more more!!!! i wanna see more!
or i will ride to your house on a white stallion and confiscate all of your photos!