Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ranthambore National Park

We spent a few days in Ranthambore National Park looking for tigers.  We didn't see any.  Not a one.  But, you know, tigers are notoriously hard to spot, especially at the time of year we were visiting.   Still, I must admit, it was great fun to go out and look.

And, oh, my....there were wonderful things to see.  Like the Indian green parakeet.  Isn't he cute?  And such an improbable color of green.  I tried very hard to find a feather somewhere, on the ground, to have as a memento, but no such luck.  That color is branded into my head, though.  It is especially lovely with the orange-y-red bill, don't you think?

I have no idea what kind of ducks these two might be.  The are lovely, though---beautifully colored little quackers.

And here we have the paw print of a tiger.  Oh, how that print excited us!  We were all in hyper mode, scanning the brush alongside the road, listening for a tiger cough.....hoping....

No luck.

snub nosed marsh crocodile

 Now, this fine fellow was just basking out in plain sight.  Big as can be.  HUGE.  I am so glad I wasn't just out strolling along side the stream and happened to come to find him awaiting.  Oh, so glad....

It was such pretty land, though, that you really wanted to get out of the safari vehicles and go for a walk.  (Although, had I been able to do so I must admit my immense fear of cobras and their cousins would have kept me from doing so.)

This is a sambal, a sort of deer.  A big deer-type thing.  Very noble looking fellow, I think.

These are chital deer.  They are so pretty with their beautiful spots.  We saw lots of them all through the park.

Langur monkeys are commonly found in the park.  We saw several troops.  It was nice to see the babies.

Throughout Ranthambore there are ruins.  The massive Ranthambore Fort is within the park and rides along a ridge line.

Ranthambore Fort
a chattri, or Hindu Temple ruin 


diane b said...

The colours in your photos are so warm and exotic. Even though you didn't see a tiger you saw lots of other interesting things. The birds are super and the spotted deer lovely.

Carol said...

Your pictures are stunning. Seriously good eye you have!