Monday, June 24, 2013

Round Robin Art Journals

I am taking part in a Round Robin art journaling exchange.  There are seven of us involved.  We each created our own journal and we all are working to the theme of where we live, a sort of 'staycation' travel journal group.  It's been both a challenge and fun to work in other's journals, trying to find new and fresh things to say about the special place where I live.

I used the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival as the theme for my page for this journal.  I love the Tulip Festival and I have a special connection as my mother lived in the Skagit Valley while she was growing up and I still have a lot of family in the area.

It will be very apparent that I tend to work intuitively, rather than to a firm plan!  I covered over a lot of the map I did as a background, but hey----it was fun.  I know it's there!

This set of pages if for another journal in the Round Robin group.  I am suggesting that the viewer take a bike ride with me through my town and I used a lot of my original photographs, which was fun.

This is my sign-in page for the bike tour entry.  I love the ferry picture and was happy to finally have a good place to use it.

Since the journal I was working in had a pocket placed in just the right place, I used a lot of small photos of town and put them into a handcrafted paper envelope I made to hold them.  The artist whose journal this is had included a few photos of her town on her page spread, so I just carried on the idea with my spread.

One of the other members of the Round Robin group, jna, has become my new art friend.  He very kindly shared a photo of a hand with a pointing finger that he took and used in this journal on his spread.  We had chatted about doing a collaboration within the Round Robin.  I used his photo in my spread and enjoyed incorporating his image.  I also did my lead-in to my spread in a similar manner to how he led into his spread.  Very derivative but you know the old saying, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  My new journal friend is a very talented artist and I am happy to follow his lead in this journal.

I will be traveling a lot in July and early August, so I have worked ahead.  I am caught up with this project so I can vacation without feeling guilty and will be able to enjoy my time away that much more.


diane b said...

That sounds like a fun activity but I would be scared of messing up someone else's Journal. Where are you off to this time?

Meri said...

Fun project! I did my first art journal (solo) starting in January. I'd always admired the journals of others, but didn't want to invest the time. I'm so glad I did -- and I've purchased another to start one day soon.

john said...

Michele, what a great entry on your blog. I can't wait to see what you have done in this journal when we meet unless you send it off before. I love being in the RR with you and especially love our monthly meetings to chat about art and art journaling. I am the lucky one.