Wednesday, July 03, 2013

July 3rd

Besides getting ready for tomorrow, including locating all my flags and putting out my chairs for the parades that are a special part of Independence Day in Edmonds, I've been working on a journal to take to my friend as a hostess gift when i visit her in a couple of weeks.

This journal is a sort of merging of methods used by Mary Ann Moss in her Ticket to Venice class and what I have learned from several classes from D. J. Pettitt.  It's a little more D. J. but I used many techniques I learned from Mary Ann, so I must say, it was a melding of the teachings of two great ladies.

My friend likes quiet, natural things.  Earthy things.  Water-y things. Subtle things.  Nothing with glitter or bling or lots of COLOR.  I am a little more showy than she, so picking the fabrics and paper color for this journal was a good exercise in restraint.  Very wabi sabi....

I had quite a few small pieces of Japanese fabrics in my stash and I thought that the soft browns in quiet patterns would make good connectors for the pages.  I used a strip of fabric on each side of the middle between the two sheets of paper that made up a two page spread.

 My little inexpensive sewing machine was used for all the construction and it worked very well.  The  only complaint I have about the machine is that it is horribly hard for me to thread.  Having very poor vision, it's a challenge.  Thank goodness for needle threaders!

I had cut the paper to size and then distressed it with gesso and soft washes of watered down acrylic paints, to make them more textural and interesting.

I used a lovely old linen fabric for the covers.

I decided that the three signatures would each have a different fabric showing through the open spine.  I used deer antler buttons, trying to stay with that earthy, quiet and natural style that my friend loves (and does so well in her artwork).

The inside covers are covered with some gorgeous silk fabric I had in my stash.  The contrast between the slubs in the silk and the linen on the cover appealed to me.

This photo shows the pocket I attached to the back inside cover.

I am very happy with how this turned out and I think my friend will like it.  I know she will appreciate the fact that I made it for her.

 I also tried a very weird recipe.  Wait for it.....pickled grapes.  These little sour pops are supposed to be very good with cheese and the original recipe came from on of my favorite food bloggers, Molly Wisenberg, so I am about 99% sure it will be delicious.  The actual recipe I found on the Smitten Kitchen blog.

I'll let you know how they turn out.  I can say that they are very pretty in their jars with the sunlight shining through them!

I am trying to get all my chores done, my house clean and ready for the big parade and a day spent with my friend Denise tomorrow.  Then I am going to sit down with the videos from Mary Ann Moss' SEWN class and start playing.  Oh.  And go to my cabin.  There is that!


Judy Wise said...

She's going to love that journal. And the grapes sound good ... very adult.

john said...

I hope I get to see this journal when we meet. It looks smashing!

Unknown said...

Your journal is lovely, your friend will be delighted! Hope you and Denise enjoyed the day!

Linda W said...

What a beautiful journal. So soft and inviting. Lucky friend!