Friday, January 31, 2014

12th Man (er....Woman)

I just returned from India and Sri Lanka late last week.  I came home to Seahawk hysteria.  And I mean mega Seahawk hysteria.

Our Seattle Seahawks are playing Denver on Sunday in the Superbowl!  (Like anyone in the known world wouldn't know this by now....)  Even this sports ignoring Seattle area person is excited.

I have gone so far as to make a 12th Man sign and hang it in the front window of my house.  If you knew me well you would be flabbergasted by this behavior.  I will admit to catching the hysteria that is everywhere in the Pacific Northwest right now.  All things Seahawk.  All conversations Seahawk.  Many, many little people, big  people, young and old people alike in Seahawk jerseys, colors, jackets, hats and probably socks and underwear, for all I know.  The hysteria is everywhere and I am admitting, out loud, to being proud to be a part of it!


john said...

OMG! You have gone bonkers! :-)

diane b said...

I have very little idea what this is all about but I'm excited for you. Let me guess, your football team is in the final???

Jennie said...

Don't be badly, Mom. It happened to me too… the entire season. I could really care less, but it was fun to jump on the bandwagon, and we ended the season with three of us having Seahawks jerseys and we were all wearing them for the Superbowl. Your grandson and I even started wearing them them to work/daycare the Friday before a big game, just to annoy 49ers fans… it worked.