Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Dinner at The Pantry

I had the best time on Valentine's Day, even without my DH being included.  (He was out of town.)  Nonie and Susan and I had dinner at The Pantry at Delancey, a special dinner in celebration of tea.

As the menu shows, it was a most special meal!  I can only rave about each and every course, every wine pairing, the service, the celebrants (all but two new to me)----every little detail came together to make for a stellar evening of food, fun, friends and a few glasses of wine.

a  most excellent prosecco that started off the evening

The chef was Kim Cozzetto Maynard and she is the in-house chef for The Pantry.  This lady can really cook.  I mean, really!

Homemade beet ships with minty pea mash
These beet chips appetizers were wonderful but my favorite was the tea-smoked chicken on toast with ricotta and Earl Grey jelly.  They were outstanding.  The chicken was moist and full of subtle flavor.

Tea-smoked chicken on toast with ricotta and Earl Grey jelly
Wild mushroom pappardelle with smoked-tea cream, lemon zest and parsley
 I am usually not a big fan of pasta dishes but this one had so much flavor from the mushrooms and the delicate smoked-tea cream that I had to really hold myself back from having seconds.  And thirds.
And probably fourths!
Duck legs confit served with an Earl Grey-orange reduction, pickled raisins and sautéed chard
Nonie declared that the duck leg confit was the best duck she has ever eaten.  She orders duck wherever we travel and has enjoyed it all over the world, so this was high praise, indeed, for Chef
Honey roasted baby carrots with mach salad, lemon-ginger vinaigrette and crispy prosciutto
 The baby carrots were sweet as candy, and just as addictive.

Susan using her phone to photograph each course
Nola chatting with our charming dinner companion
We were seated with Chef Maynard's charming husband, Galen, who put up with the three old ladies in a most gracious manner.  He made a most pleasant dinner companion.

Chai-poached apples with almond streusel and whipped cream
And last, but certainly not least, the chai-poached apples.  Oh, my!  They were goooooooood!  I want to thank the chef and the staff for a delightful Valentine's event.  I had the very best time.

If  you live in the Seattle area I can highly recommend The Pantry at Delancey's monthly dinners most heartily. They also run a wonderful series of cooking classes there.  I have taken many of them and am signed up for quite a few more over the next few  months.  They even offer "cooking camps" for children.  I took  my eldest granddaughter to the children's class on making Asian dumplings and we both had a wonderful time.  She made dumplings, from scratch, the next day for her entire family!  


Jennie said...

That meals looks FABULOUS! I am so happy you all had such a wonderful time!

john said...

Looks scrumptious! See you later today.

diane b said...

That looks like a top notch meal. Nothing better than eating out with friends at a good restaurant.