Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It's Sprung!

Everywhere I look, spring has sprung!  Everywhere there are bulbs blooming, trees flowering, seeds
exploding from the ground.  It's a riot of color and growth and exuberance.  It is SPRING.

I'd never really noticed before how the seeds I start really do spring from the soil.  I made the little seed starter pots out of newspaper, filled them with potting mix, added the seeds, some water....then light and a little time and the little plants just sprang from the soil.  A yearly miracle.

I love how beans just bully their way to the surface and how the leaves unfurl.  Eye catching and amazing, no matter how many times I've observed it before.

Daffodils with sunlight streaming through the delicate cups glow with such a happy, sunny yellow.
And they smell so sweetly.

I don't remember the name of this primrose.  I do remember I first saw it in an English garden magazine and had to have it.  It took some time to track it down here in the U.S., but I finally found it.  And it's done very well in my yard.  I love the white edges to each petal.

This cherry tree is in the parking strip in front of my house.  It's just opened up its blossoms and soon the petals will litter the ground like a late pink snow.  The bumble bees are having a wild time in this tree.  It actually sounds like it's buzzing when the sun is bright and the temperature is warm.

I love how a few branches of the cherry tree have intermingled with my flowering quince.  The colors are so bright and cheery.

This particular flowering quince is so bright it almost looks like it would be hot to the touch.

Has spring sprung for you?

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john said...

Beautiful! I love the containers, too. Are they covered with newspaper??