Wednesday, May 07, 2014


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A good friend of mine put me on to a blog he thought I would enjoy.  Constance Rose has a most well written blog called Art and Life, in which she shares her thoughts on her journey.  Right now she is taking a break from creating art and she is doing a lot of reading.  Constance has been sharing her reading list, which I find very helpful, and also her thoughts on women and aging.  Being a woman who is aging, all of this is of great interest to me.

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I have begun to notice a trend I find both fascinating and irritating on my occasional forays onto Facebook---selfies.  I recently took an online painting class and the participants were encouraged to upload photos of their work each day to share with the others in the class and the instructor.  Since doing so I am now getting a lot of different posts in my feed from women I only "know" through this class.  Some of them, I've noticed, post a lot of selfies.

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Yes, it is interesting to see what people look like.  Yes, most of these ladies are most attractive.  But, seriously?  Two or three selfies a day?  It strikes this aging woman as narcissism.  I, personally, don't find it attractive for someone to think themselves that attractive (even if they are!) and I don't understand the need to share their every look, hairstyle, clothing choice, daily shoe pick!  (Feel free to shake your head and mummer here, "Oh, my.  She's grumpy.  Tsk tsk...")

living room shelves
Which brings me back to Constance Rose.  She posts shelfies!  I just love this idea.  And I do find her photos of her shelves fascinating.  I am sure Ms. Rose is a most attractive lady.  I do know her shelves are interesting and give me much more of an idea of her mettle than a snapshot of her grinning into her cellphone camera lens.  She has a sense of humor, she has interesting collectibles, she reads.  (I love people who read.  They not only have interesting shelves, they have interesting minds....They think.)  So, thank you most kindly, Ms. Rose, for sharing your shelfies and for sharing your thoughts, on aging and art and anything else you care to share with your readers.  I am enjoying your blog very much, and I am sending a big thank you out to my friend John, who put me on to this thinker of thoughts, shelfie poster and artist, Constance Rose.

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 Please post a shelfie of your own and share it with me!

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Cate Rose said...

Love your shelves, Michele! Another Buddhist, eh? It's definitely better looking at people's stuff than their mugs. Re: Facebook, read back a few posts on my blog to see how I feel about that, and why I'm no longer on it. Glad to meet you, BTW. Any friend of John's is a friend of mine. Have a beautiful day!

Judy Wise said...

Love your shelfies. It tells me what's inside. That's the part I fall in love with. xo