Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost Autumn (at the cabin)

The Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, but not as quickly as the 1st of September.  I can not get my mind wrapped around the idea that it is almost autumn.  In the early mornings I can smell it coming, that special smell that speaks of pumpkins and orange and golden leaves falling, of crisp nights and (hopefully) Indian Summer days.  But for right now, at the cabin, it is still summer.  It's green and sunny and warm.

The view from the front windows, down onto the dairy farm just across the river, is of wide green meadows and busy farmers making hay (while the sun shines!).

The daisies are in full, glorious bloom in wide swaths around the house....

....and the hollyhocks are taller than I am and bursting with blossoms.

But, soon, much too soon, the leaves will start to turn.  The maples will go all gold and orange, the larches will turn bright yellow and then all their needles will fall and the views from every window will be beautiful, but autumnal.  I am not ready for autumn.  I still feel like we didn't, really, get much of a summer and I am not ready for the long, gray days of November, December, January and on and on and on....
Even though the sunsets through the bare limbs of the stand of trees that marks the beginning of the road to the cabin are a wonder to behold....

....and the cabin will be all snugged in, with the maples turning spectacular colors all around.....


....and every weekend there will be many fishermen trying their skills in the river below the cabin, I am not ready. 

 And then much, much too soon, the frosts will come and the leaves will be gone.  The rains of November will be upon us.  

Just how soon will we have snow this year?  And how much will we have?  Will I be unable to get to the cabin for months at a time, like that miserable winter a few years back?  

I have to admit that as I get older,  I yearn more for the sun than ever before.  I want it to warm my skin and seep down into my bones.  I want flowers and birdsong and blue skies.  I will just have to  be grateful to be surrounded with a bounty of quiet beauty, even if it is of a colder, more subtle variety.

I will look forward to Christmas and having ALL my family home,  gathered together, and it will be a fine first Christmas for Rawlings---a fine Christmas for all of us.

But, really, isn't it much too soon for it to be autumn?


diane b said...

You have a dilemma. You have beautiful, colourful changing seasons but harsh weather to go with them.

If you really love your bones being warm all year round then you need to come here or SCA.

We don't have a marked seasonal change in Queensland except in the mountains. The southern states do and the cold to go with it.

Your cabin and area surrounding it looks lovely and peaceful.
When are you coming here for a holiday?

Grove Street Journal said...

I too cannot believe it is September. I dated something yesterday and wrote May.

carol said...

Such vibrant colors contrasting with that muted beauty of winter. A beautiful review of the seasons. Love your hollyhocks!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed browsing at your blog! Your Hollyhock photo is so pretty. I'm a journal-making, poetry loving gal as well...thanks for sharing your projects!