Friday, August 26, 2011

Black & White Collaborative Color Journal Pages

I belong to a Color Collaborative Journal group.  We have done several journals in the last two years.  I love my collection of these color journals, all of which feature pages by individual members and all are original artwork.  The members of this group are an amazingly talented group of woman and I have felt honored to be included.  This is, alas, our last journal.  I thought long and hard about how I wanted to express my feelings on black and white and finally decided that prints were the best way to go.

Each page in the journal will be 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  There is a back page as well as a front, so my pages, 9 inches by 12 inches, fold in half to make the proper size.  I have used my recently carved woodblock from the NPS workshop in Colorado as the featured artwork for the front of my page  in the journal.  I added some washi tape to jazz it up a little.

I did a foilographic feather print on the back.  I didn't get a great image, but it was first time using this technique.  I enjoyed the learning process, and the outcome was acceptable.  (I should have read and reread the very clear and concise instructions that are available on Charles Morgan's website.  Charles is a long time member of the Nature Printing Society and is a master at nature printing.  I will retry foilography soon, using Charles' directions.  I expect I'll have a much better result.  But, I digress....again!)

I had promised myself that I would get these pages done without counting down to the last second before the deadline of August 31st.  Well, I guess I met that goal, but barely.  They are in the mail, at any rate, and the lovely Mary Mouat will be receiving them in good time.  Mary is a member of the Color Collaborative Journal group and has volunteered to do the binding this time around.  Thanks, Mary!

And finally, on a silly note, here is a photo my friend Bee created on her iphone with some app she has.  (You might surmise that she had some free time on her hands while we were in Colorado.  Free time + iphone + app = silliness.)  My poor cat, Orcie, was one of the subjects she altered.  I will spare you the ones she did of me.  They are, ahem, not fit for a family blog being just too scary.  My Orcie is odd to start with, of course, being a cat, but he usually doesn't wear sunglasses.  I think he might like to wear them, but I, being a rotten and horrible person, refuse to purchase them for him.  The mustache, though, is just too much, don't you think?  He sort of reminds me of Tom Selleck.  (My apologies, Mr. Selleck.)


diane b said...

It must be a bit daunting to supply journal pages to a group of talented artists but I'm sure you are just as talented. These lovely prints should take a proud place in the journal. Love "Moustache le Chat"

kareninkenai said...

So looking forward to the black and white books... great pages, as always! Gosh, hard to believe four years have come and gone. K