Monday, November 24, 2014

Candied Kumquats Anyone?

While I was shopping this afternoon for turkey parts to make stock ahead of cooking my turkey this upcoming weekend, I ran into the first of the fresh kumquats.  I love candied kumquats.  They are a surprising addition to pound cake and the syrup can beused to make an icing.  Kumquats are citrus-y and quite different from oranges and tangerines and add a delicious and  unexpected taste to winter baking.

It's an easy process to candy them and one I enjoy.  A nice way to spend a rainy and windy late November afternoon.

I got four half pints from a little over a pound of kumquats.  I'll take a jar to my daughter-in-law on Thursday when we celebrate Thanksgiving with our son and his family.  On Friday I'll buy a sale turkey and roast it up at the cabin, for sandwiches and soup for the freezer.  I really love Thanksgiving week.  It's full of good smells, anticipation and turkey!

I hope your Thanksgiving, if indeed you celebrate that special day, is full of family and friends, good feasting and most of all, thanks for all our blessings.


Glenda Hoagland said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend. Enjoy your a time at the cabin and with your Son and family.

Love to you

Jacki Long said...

You made me drool, Michele!
I am thankful that you are in my life,
even if we have only met electronically!
Have a wonderful weeks with family & friends. ♥

The Creative Beast said...

OOOOH! This sounds like a wonderful sweet treat! Thanks for sharing your recipe here Michele and hope you enjoy a great holiday!

john said...

You are something else. I can just see you in the kitchen with your kumquats. Looks great! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.