Thursday, November 06, 2014

Having Fun with Visual Journaling and Collage

Cats have credit Jeanne McLam
 I took a one night, really fun class at the Schack with my friend Susan the other  night.  The class was called Playful Acrylics and Collage and was taught by Jean McLam.  This was not an evening of serious art creation but rather one of recharging the batteries and just playing....throwing some paint around, cutting/tearing out images from magazines and gluing them down.  I had a great time.

"work" in progress---photo credit Jeanne McLam

There were no beginners in this class, just a like-minded group of women who were looking for an evening of making art and playing with art supplies.  Jean was a most encouraging, supportive and very well organized instructor.  She provided ALL the supplies and gave us just enough instruction for us to go off and do our own thing.  A perfect evening.  There was even wine for those that wanted it!

class photo!---photo credit Jeanne McLam

Meanwhile, in another on-going mixed media class I am taking, brilliantly taught by John Arbuckle, I've been doing a little work in one of the visual journals I'm working in right now.  Nothing here is completed, just works in progress.  I am having such fun in this class, too.  I really needed to have this artistic outlet to balance the struggle I am having in my beginning Spanish class.  The old brain is slow and it's hard to learn a new language.   Trying to learn a little Spanish is very rewarding, but it's work.  Art is play.  Together they create a nice balance to my week.


Pilgrim said...

Great Post, love your art and the pieces you have shown are really inspiring to me.

How long will your Spanish class last? I think I should consider something like that too.

take care my friend

Michele R. Unger said...

Thank you so much, Glenda, for the encouragement and kind comments. You made my day!

My beginning Spanish class is a 10 week course at my local community college, through the adult learning courses. We meet once a week for two hours at a time. It's been a great experience and I would highly recommend you think about taking something similar, if you are interested. Besides the obvious benefit of learning how to communicate in another language, I think it does our older brains a lot of good to make them learn something new. I don't do crosswords so I'm studying Spanish!


john said...

I am so glad I got to hold your piece and see it in the "raw". Wonderful! It is obvious that you had a great time that evening. :-)

iHanna said...

Fun classes, your pages look great!