Friday, November 14, 2014

Visual Journal Pages In Progress

This spread was done in class and was created with a series of prompts that John gave us.
 I have been taking a mixed media class from my friend John Arbuckle.  I've been working on multiple spreads in a couple of different visual journals, and having so much fun!  John makes each week's class exciting and interesting, and he has shared so many techniques that I find I just have to experiment with different ideas.

I think the above spread is done.  But maybe not?  Not sure.

This one, below, is in my Like a Nomad journal that I started in a class I took from Orly Avineri last summer.  I thought it was done.  And then I kept working on it and adding little bits and pieces.  Never say never, I guess!

The spread below is not done.  It's a good start, but that's it.  Just a start.  It incorporates several techniques John had us don in our class.

This spread (above) keeps evolving.  I have no idea where it might end up.  Or if this is the end.  I am just letting the pages pull me along---no big plans, just letting things evolve.  It's very freeing to work this way and I am really enjoying myself.

I started this spread quite a while ago but just finished it (I think!) the other day.  It has actual "weaving" done with sari ribbon, cotton pearl thread, velvet ribbon and bias tape.  This is in my Like a Nomad journal.

I have just started on this spread, but so far I like the colors and the patterns.  I seem to be on a circle cycle, I have noticed.

And finally, this is a sign I spotted at a favorite local restaurant, FIVE.  I love it!


Pilgrim said...

The pages you have done are really good. How nice it is to be able to take class with John. The colors and textures leap from the page. You know I love your work anyway.

tgarrett said...

Loving these pages/spreads Michele. I so wish I lived closer- I am sure we would be art pals for sure. John is a treasure.

john said...

Hi Michele. What a series of treasures you create! I love watching you create and I love the results of your creative eye.

Cate Rose said...

These spreads are so incredible! I especially love the second from the top, but they're all fabulous! Great work!