Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The art journal group I belong to has a green page challenge on for this week. I sat down yesterday and worked on my first page for that group. It was a total experiment and I tried journaling along the lines of Teesha Moore's description of her process. That was a first for me and while I am not thrilled with the result, the act of making the page was great fun. I used Caran D'Ache (with and without water), rubber stamps, a variety of ink colors, various and sundry papers and some photographs from my Japan trip. I even used the image of the Tanuki, the tanuki that was outside the ryokan in Shigaraki. I pasted and colored, cut out leaf shapes and used various pens for details and for the journaling. In other words, I spent quite a bit of time playing with my art supplies, and I had a really good time doing it.

More and more work on the Excel generated volunteer sheets. More people to sign up. More changes to times and numbers of volunteers needed (as some people can't seem to understand that I have already mailed the volunteer forms and now will have to make many phone calls advising folks of a new time to arrive). It all makes me grumpy. Very grumpy. I am near to feckless whining....Thursday night is Art Walk and I have to canvas the downtown area, drumming up any new volunteers I can. Several of the other directors have agreed to be there. Sure hope they show up! I am living for June 20th when this will all be behind me. Two months and counting.

Beautiful spring day. The Olympics were spectacular, rising out of the blue of Puget Sound, still covered in snow. Susan P. and I had lunch at that great little Mexican restaurant that's north on Hwy 99---I think it's called Casa Corona. Great food and such nice people. I must get Connie up there sometime. The other Bowling Jocks were all off in various directions today. Maybe we'll connect again next week.

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