Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday at the Beach with Nonie

The data base for the volunteer roster was corrupted, I discovered to my horror,last Monday. I spent all last week working on getting a clean, correct copy made. It took about 40 hours to get the data re-entered and to check all the names, address and phone numbers. I sure hope I got it put together properly. I was just about permanently blind from squinting at the computer screen and trying to read all the phone numbers and email address by the time I finished up the last bit very early on Saturday morning. Since getting this error fixed (so I can schedule all the volunteers and keep the records straight) was paramount, everything else was ignored all last week. I didn't even make one entry into my journal! I have played hooky from all my other 'jobs' this weekend and I feel like a new, restored, woman tonight. Nonie and I spent most of yesterday exploring the shopping at Mill Creek, walking around Edmonds or on the beach. We didn't get home last night until after nine. It was a beautiful day, full of the promise of summer, and we enjoyed every minute of it. I took a lot of photos last night. It was a beautiful evening.

There was a very interesting art installation at Mill Creek. Lining all the walkways were what looked to be hundreds of pairs of shoes. Turns out there were actually 1200 pairs and the purpose was to point out the unnecessary deaths due to tobacco use. It was quite a statement and had strong visual impact. Very moving.

Today I bought a basket, really a sculptural piece, made by Joyeanna Chaudiere, a local artist who shows at Gallery North. It's gorgeous and playful. The piece is entitled "Not Quite Round Rainbow" and I've hung it in the back entry hall, where the ceiling is high enough to give it the space it needs. (The only place in this bungalow where there is enough height to show it off!) I love it---it's fun and fresh, and reminds me of a jellyfish.

I have just about finished my "dog tag" for Bee Shay's exhibit for next year's ArtFest. I have been struggling to get the patina just right and it has taken me all weekend----doing a bit here and letting it dry and a bit there and letting it dry----to get it the way I want it to look. I have just sealed it and I think it's done. Finally. I need only get a good jpeg of it for Bee and email it off to her, and that promise is kept.

There was a very interesting article in Seattle magazine about small town getaways. Edison was one of the places featured and a gentleman by the name of John DeGloria, the owner of Slough Foods (!), described Edison as "centrally isolated". I howled when I read that. It certainly is! Another great descriptor for my journal.

Connie came home about nine o'clock tonight. He'd had a good weekend and had gotten a lot done at 7 1/2 Ranch. A friend of his came by to shoot and Ralph got to try out Connie's token system for the clay pigeons. No token, not targets. This seems to me to be a very clever way to get the guest shooters to buy their own clay pigeons while keeping everyone happy and not having to try and make an honor system work. It's $2 for a token, which is what it costs to supply the 27 targets needed for a line of trap. From the photos Connie had taken it looks like the grass is coming in and it's greening up nicely. He seems very relaxed and happy. A good weekend for us both!

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