Monday, June 26, 2006

Life After the Festival

Posted by Picasa I survived the festival. I didn't mess up too many things. There were volunteers in places that needed volunteers, usually in numbers sufficient to handle the job. People seemed to be having a good time and a few even said they were having fun and would be back to volunteer next year. I didn't get any really negative feedback about anything over which I have control. Susan P is coming on board with me as co-director for the 2007 festival, our 50th Anniversary year. It'll be great to have here with me as she could do this job blindfolded and tied up but she'll let me think I am doing some of it and she will share in the worry as well as the glory (??). Besides, she's fun! I have written all the thank yous I needed to send and have only to write up my report (two copies, please) to turn in for the wrap-up meeting Wednesday and then I can put the festival away for two months and recharge.

I miss my grandbabies. I miss my family. I have been eating, sleeping (sort of sleeping....) and breathing this silly festival for so long that everything else has fallen between the cracks. I have weeds in my front yard as tall as I am and they are threatening to crowd out my beautiful lilies that are just starting to open. I haven't seen Emma, except for a quick minute the first day of the festival when she cam by with her mother and other grandmother to say hello, in ages. She is growing up and I'm not there to enjoy it or be a part of it. Waaaah! That will change. Now.

Alex had her eye surgery in early June and while it is still really too early to be sure of how well it went, I can't say I was unhappy to hear she was, once again, in her glasses and eye patch. She is just so dang cute in her little pink glasses. There is something about an adorable little girl in pink glasses that just seems right. Of course, everyone in the family wears or has worn glasses, so they seem like a normal thing to me. But she is especially adorable in hers. I should be wishing they were a thing of the past, but in my heart of hearts I'm glad she's still wearing them. If you doubt me, see below and judge for yourself!
Posted by Picasa Jen had a good trip to London and Paris and came home with some fantastic photos. Frankly all the photos she posted to the web were fantastic. She has an amazing eye and a unique style of her own. You could take all of her shots and publish them into a beautiful coffee table book just as they are, and I'm sure it would be a top seller. I'm green with envy.

Connie had a good trip to visit with Annie. He helped build her pergola in the backyard and had fun trying to teach Alex to crawl. Apparently she's close to crawling but hasn't yet gotten the leg and arm thing coordinated enough to really start moving. Both Connie and I think Annie and Chris have had it quiet enough for long enough and now it's time for them to start running all day, every day, after Alex. Yes, I know we are mean. That's what grandparents are for. Payback is sweeeeeeeeet.

Annie and Alex will be here 1 August for a two week visit. Chris will join them for the end of the stay, so we get to have the whole family with us for a bit. I can't wait!

I had one day of painting at Anna's last Saturday but life got in the way on Sunday and I had to cancel. I was working on a painting of shoes, really Moroccan slippers, that somehow morphed into more like Dutch wooden shoes as the day progressed. I guess Will was greatly on my mind that day. "They" say you paint what you have in your heart and I surely do have Will and Bernice in my heart these days, so maybe it's true. I didn't get to finish the painting but I got a good start on it. It was really odd to be using my Caron d'Arche sticks outside as they were melting and kept breaking off in my hands. I hadn't brought my paints box so I had to rely on the crayons entirely to do the painting. I had technicolor hands by the time I had to leave! I will have to go back and pick up the painting and some supplies for Anna in the next week or so, as I have promised to haul what I can fit into my car up to Sooke Harbour House for the retreat next month. It's going to be much (MUCH) more expensive than anyone had planned now that we can't go to The Hawthorn because of Will's illness, but Sooke Harbour House is so beautiful and it's such an inspiring place that I really don't begrudge the money I'll have to spend. I do love it there.

Well. I feel better. I still have days and weeks and months of writing to do in my journal to catch up but I guess there is time enough for that in the coming weeks. Got to get that report done first. Then, I'm free!!!!
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