Monday, December 17, 2007

An Evening December Walk Around Edmonds

"Fragile" (fra-JILL-ee)

Edmonds is a pretty little town, especially when all gussied up in her December finery. The town is decked from top to bottom in Christmas lights and I love to walk around after dinner and enjoy how pretty it all looks. I braved the cold tonight and took my camera and tripod and did a short little walk. (It's cold tonight, too cold to walk very far.) To those of you who are familiar with A Christmas Story, you will recognize the "major award" pictured above. For those of you who are not able to recite the dialog along with the actors in A Christmas Story, rush out and rent it immediately. Catch up! It's an American Christmas icon and not to be missed! (

The fountain at 5th and Main, the center of downtown Edmonds
Another view of the fountain, looking west.The Historical Museum. I live next door.
This is the Log Cabin. The Information Office is housed inside.
Someone at City Hall was burning the midnight oil.
Nama's Candy Store has the best Christmas windows in town. They have the best windows for any holiday! My granddaughter Emma thinks having Nama's at the end of the alley from Gramma's house is very cool. Whenever we walk by she says to me, "Gramma, candee in there!"Close up of Nama's window.
And when you continue north past Nama's and go up the alley, turn into the gate with the "Guard Cat" sign, you come to my back yard. Come on in and have something warm to drink. I told you it was cold out there tonight!


Grove Street Journal said...

OMG, was that really in someone's window? I LOVE IT!

Michele R. Unger said...

Yep, it's in the window of an office next to Olive's. Just across the alley. It was up last year, too, and makes me laugh whenever I notice it! Major award, indeed!

Anonymous said...

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