Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday, Nonie!

December 7th.....a day that will live in, ah, the family records as Nonie's birth date. And some other thing....what was it? Oh, yes, Pearl Harbor. Well, Nonie's birthday is a much nicer memory, so we'll concentrate on that.

Nonie had a nice day, I hope. Her mother had a luncheon at Scott's for her and there were eight of us there to celebrate the birthday "girl." Even Emma was there, and she was the life of the party. Gwen hurried from the airport to make lunch, as she had just returned from a business trip. We all had a fine time. This evening I took Nonie out for her birthday dinner. She had picked Giraldi's here in Edmonds. We had a pretty good meal (the risotto was way too salty, but everything else was delicious) and several glasses of wine and champagne were consumed. I had a very good time!
I am wishing Nonie a most happy 6oth year, full of fun, new experiences and good friends.

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Grove Street Journal said...

Happy Birthday to Nola!!! It sounds like it was a wonderful day, as it should be. : )