Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fun Weekend

Emma came to stay overnight last Saturday and we had fun. First we went to the local You-Paint-It ceramics shop and Granty Nonie treated Emma to her first time of painting ceramics. After much consideration, Emma decided to paint a little mouse. She had so much fun! She even had fun putting the glaze on the mouse, although it was just as fun to paint the tiles where the glaze is placed, too. She painted the tiles a lot. There also was much brush washing and we were treated to a lot of waving the brush in the air, deciding that it was the wrong brush, selecting another, getting it all wet in the glaze, waving it around in the air and then straight into the water, without ever putting glaze any on the piece to be painted. But all of it was fun! Lots and lots of fun. Granty and I explained the she couldn't take the mouse home right away as it had to "cook" first but that we would deliver it to her at her house when the cooking was done and it was all cooled off. Yesterday was delivery day and Emma's first comment was, "What happened to it? It looks different." It's hard to imagine how bright and shiney the piece will turn out once the over glaze is applied and the item fired. I've done a ton of ceramics and it still surprises me to see the metamorphosis that happens in the kiln! I think it was very nice of Granty to treat Emma to a mouse and Emma certainly enjoyed the whole experience. She loves her technicolor mousey! We will have to do this again.

After a nice nap, Emma and I picked up Granty at her condo and we all went to Susan's annual Tree Trimming party. Susan usually has a very large tree trimming party but this year she had radically down sized and it was all family---except for us. We are most honored to have been included. (It was the only way Auntie Pumpkin could get Emma to the party....we are sort of a package deal!) There were lots of ornaments to unwrap and place on the tree, lots of good conversations and great food. The very best part, for both Auntie Pumpkin and Emma, was when they carefully unwraped Auntie P's collection of Santas and angels. Many of the Santas are from the 40s and 50s and are salt and pepper shakers. Others are candles. There are some that are Mrs. Claus, looking pink and cuddly if a little round and the angels are part of an angel band and are all playing different musical instruments. It is quite a collection and Emma exclaims over each and every one. This year Auntie P sent her home with her very own vintage Santa, the start of Emma's own personal collection. (AND a card with TWO dollars in in!) It's always fun to watch those two unwrapping the Santas. It marks the official start to the holiday season for me.
Emma and Santa, 2007

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