Sunday, July 06, 2008

Welcome Abigail & Olivia!

Our family was blessed with the safe delivery of twin daughters to my son and daughter-in-law today. Abigail and Olivia were in a hurry and decided that since Mommy and Daddy had taken themselves, and big sister Emma, off to Eastern Washington to Grandpa Johnny's (Emma's name for Grandpa Connie!) cabin for the 4th of July weekend and that it would be very inconvenient for everyone if they made their entrance on the "wrong" side of the mountains, that it seemed like the perfect idea! The were delivered in mid-afternoon via C-Section. Mama is doing well, although she is understandably exhausted. Daddy is exhausted, too. As are the grandparents on both sides, the Granties, the Aunties and everyone remotely connected to this six week early arrival!

I was at my cabin so before I could head over the mountains to Yakima (the locale for the debut of the Twins), I had to get back to Edmonds and drop off Granty Nonie (who would have come, too, had she not been slated for jury duty this very week!), grab a few things (like my blood pressure pills!) and then head east. I didn't arrive until about six PM this evening, but got to see both the girls and let them know that now that Gramma Unger has arrived, all is well and they can relax, work on getting big enough to make the trip to the West side of the Mountains and to get ready for the barrage of photos that will be taken of them---soon. Alas, I have no photos yet to share with you, Dear Reader. Let me assure you that they are adorable and look much like their elder sister. Nabby is sporting a black eye, thanks to Olivia, who apparently kicked her sister in the face....jockeying for position, no doubt. At any rate, they are perfect, they are adored already and they are a most highly anticipated and welcome addition to our family!

Baby Girl Twins!

Twice the sugar
and twice the spice
two baby girls
are twice as Nice!

Double the giggles
and double the grins
Doubles the joy of
Baby Girl Twins!
Copyright 2005

Christine Michaels

Welcome, little ones. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Wow what an entrance Abigail and Olivia had!! Congratulations to the whole family from the rest of the gang in Norway. We are thinking of you guys!! Loved the pics on your blog. Extra cuddles and kisses to Abigail and Olivia, and especially to the super sister Emma who is soooo proud. Your a big sister!!! How cool is that?!!


├ůse Marie

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