Friday, August 08, 2008

Orcie Has Returned

It's a great day in my neighborhood. My little Orcie has come home from the vet and he is obviously feeling much better. Other than an elevated white cell count (probably indicating some sort of infection or inflammation) his tests were all normal. He will get a two week treatment of antibiotics and will have to have another blood test in two weeks, but he seems to be almost 100%. I am very happy to have home home again.

In other news, The Taste of Edmonds began today and is in full swing. I have had the first (and only, one hopes) car towed from our parking area out back. Let's see, orange cones, six sandwich boards saying "Private Property, No Trespassing" blocking the empty parking slots and five (yep, count 'em, five!) no parking or you'll be towed signs posted on the fence.....Now, truly, I ask you....would you have parked there????
No, I didn't think so!

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SeaWorthy said...

Im glad your lil kitty is in good health now! Thanks for posting do you have a good recipe for the blueberry chutney? would you be interested in emailing it to me? If so, here I am
I am glad I do not have such a thick head to park in one of your spots. People..nerve...grrr
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