Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Market of the Summer

I spent a very happy weekend with B., who is visiting for a few days before Art & Soul. I picked her up at the airport on Friday night and Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the last market of the summer (for me---there is one more next Saturday, but I'll be at A&S in Portland). It was a riot of color---peppers, apples, blackberries, flowers in autumnal colors, blue skies and jewelry galore! I bought lettuce and tomatoes, fresh basil, fingerling potatoes, pears, bread and pepper jelly to take up to Grant Creek. Because of the Market, we feasted on Saturday night. It's a long time until next May, when the Market resumes. How I'll miss it during the bleak, cold winter!

The son of one of the flower & vegetable vendors was hiding under one of their display tables, peeking out at the shoppers and giggling up a storm. He let me get a snap of his wonderful little face!

B. and Nonie did a little ceramics decoration while we were up at the cabin. I will be very interested to see how Bee's plate turns out as she used a crystalline glaze and then overprinted a leaf onto the plate, adding the last coat of the base glaze with the crystals after the leaf was printed. It looks great, even unfired!

Sunday Bee showed me how to nature print using water soluble ink and found plant material. Most of it had been flattened overnight in a phone book, and we used mostly newsprint as this was a learning experiment for me. GREAT fun! Bee was getting great results with a piece of lavender and I especially liked a cedar frond and one of the little Japanese maple leaves that are so abundant at the end of the deck.

The weather was picture perfect while we were at the cabin. How will I convince B. that this is not normal Pacific NW weather?

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, those images are so rich, they fairly JUMP off the screen. What a great capturer of pics you are, M'dear. Those pumpkins look great too. In Aust we have different ones that are sooo hard to cut. So forget jack o lanterns here.