Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Alberta Street

While I was in Portland for Art & Soul (separate post coming soon), I took Saturday off from classes and spent a pleasant day roaming the Alberta Street neighborhood with Nonie. The art supply shop Collage has a shop at Art & Soul that they assemble in the middle of the Embassy Suites that is a God send for most of us who seem to forget the very supplies that are most necessary for whatever class we happen to have signed on for. Their main shop is on Alberta Street and no Art & Soul would be complete without a visit to see what wonders are to be found. (Fred Mullet gyotaku stamps this time, for example!) Collage is a magnet for the artist who just has to have more, more, more. Nonie and I had coffee at a fun and funky coffee shop, we walked for blocks browsing in small and fun little shops and had a great lunch at a friendly little cafe. The weather was alternating between rain showers and blustery sun. Just when you thought it had settled into one pattern, it changed to another. It did make walking interesting!
Alberta Street is a mass of color and little odd details that makes for a wonderful photo walk. I had a great time.

When Nonie and I saw this pair of sneakers hanging from the overhead wire it was all we could do to make ourselves not break out into a chorus of Born to Run.

And, finally, even the manhole covers were interesting and artistic!

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