Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Today I had to say good bye to Annie, Chris, Ian and Alex and also to sunny Southern California. I won't see them again until just after Christmas. I had such a wonderful visit and can't really believe that the ten days have come and gone. Whooooosh! Now I am home again. I miss my little house when I'm gone. I miss my DH and my Orcie and even poor ol' Toes. I miss my own bed! I have been traveling so much since August that I am (almost) traveled out. That's unheard of for me to say, but it's true. I have a rotten cold (thanks, Ian!) and it feels good to be home and to know that I'll be here for a good, long while. By the time I start my traveling again, I'll be foaming at the mouth to get out of "Dodge," but for now I am more than content to just be home. It was rather a shock to go from warm and sunny in Southern California (and beautiful vistas all the way to mid Oregon were spread out below me on the flight home) to the rain and wind of Seattle and environs today. It absolutely poured as the shuttle drove into my little town of Edmonds and I got a good soaking just rushing from the shuttle van to my front door, a distance of maybe thirty feet! But inside all was cosy, warm and dry.
I found a lovely packet waiting for me from my ZNE buddy Tiffany. It was chock a block with ledger papers that she had sent as a gift. I have about sixty ideas of how to use these wonderful old papers and can't wait to get started! Thanks, Tiffany, you are most generous and it was lovely to come home to presents.
Autumn has arrived while I've been gone and it was dark so much earlier than it was just ten days ago. Most of the leaves have turned and the color was lovely to see, from both the air and from the drive home. I plugged in my branches with the little grain of rice bulbs that I found at Michael's a while back that I have arranged in Grandma's crystal vase in the dining room, and immediately it felt snug and homey. Nothing like some twinkle lights to brighten a dark, wet evening!