Friday, October 17, 2008

Brown Eyed Boy

Now it's time to show off my all-time favorite, best and most wonderful grandson, Ian. Is he not just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Come on! This is a totally unbiased affirmation of Ian's gorgeous cuteness! Really.Okay. Maybe I am a tad biased. But still, he IS an adorable little guy, is he not? And since I am so very honest and unbiased, I will freely admit that he is a goofball. A big goofball! Ian has brought back to me that all babies of a certain age have all their sensory equipment stored on their tongues, hence each and every object of interest must be inserted into mouth to identify, process and store the data. (Getting it all wet and slobbery is just a bonus side effect!)

Please note that Ian is the only descendant of mine with brown eyes. I yearned, nay---I pined for a brown eyed baby but all three of mine were difficult and insisted on varying shades of gray to blue. Of my FIVE grand babies, Ian is the only one who heard my plea. His eyes are a lovely shade of warm brown, a much richer and rare color of brown than mine. And he has dimples!

Lest you fear, Dear Reader, that all I have been doing this week is gush and gloat over my wonderful grandchildren, let me assure you I have done a little art. I finished my Photojournal Photobooth cards so I will mail them off to Catherine when I return to Edmonds, and I have almost finished my work in the last of the Sensual Journal round robin exchange I have been lucky enough to be a part of this past year. Just a little more work to do and I will be able to mail the journal off to its rightful owner.


Grove Street Journal said...

My goodness... he's HUGE. Not the little ball I saw last time I was down. : )

Betty said...

I agree he is absolutely precious, but grandmmothers have to agree on their grandsons. I still think he looks like his daddy and had daddys' brown eyes, just like yours. Last time I saw him, his eyes were a hazel color, but they are clearly brown now, just like those of his Holland ancestors.