Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dear Reader, I have been off the "map" lately as we are gearing up for the Edmonds Arts Festival. Yesterday and today we took in the pieces of art that have been juried into our show. Tomorrow is the President's Reception for the juried artists. I am editing the program, helping the volunteer director with last minute chores. I work at all of these things and they are taking up all my time---time I would otherwise be using to upload more of my Caribbean photos. Please be patient. I am fully booked through the 22nd with Festival chores. I will be back. I promise!Both photos are of last year's Festival.


Meri said...

So is it next weekend? My youngest had two pieces juried in for the children's exhibit when he was in kindergarten and first grade. His school kept a portfolio of each child's work, selected the best piece or two from each child and entered them into the competition.

Meri said...

ps = those pieces, with their tags from the Edmonds Art Show, are framed and hang in my house some 15 years later.