Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photocrawl with the Unusual Suspects

I had the best time today on a photocrawl of the Fremont Sunday Market with Gwen Delmore, Louie Shellenberger and her sister-in-law Suze Stewart. We shopped, took photos, laughed, ate, printed some of our photos and journaled in these cute little journals you see here. Gwen made a journal for each of us and they are just the perfect size to document a very pleasant Sunday. We even got lucky with the weather!

We had lunch at a great spot called the Blue Moon Burger and I would like to publicly thank them for allowing us to plug in our Pogo printers and take over two tables for several hours while we printed, ate and journaled. The food was goooooooooooood, by the way.

I don't usually journal in such a style, so this was a fun way to do something out of the box. I love my little journal and will treasure it as a reminder of a happy day.

This gentleman had been "dressed" for a birthday. He's very festive, don't you think?

And these shoes....ah....they give a whole new meaning to Toe Shoes, don't you think?


Meri said...

That looks like a blast (pardon the really old slang). And good for you to get on top of your diabetes.

diane b said...

That looks like you had a fun filled day. You've lost me. I don't understand how you can print and paste photos on the run. Very clever and smart technology I suspect. The Journal looks like a good memento of the day.

Catherine Anderson said...

Wish I had been there with you. It would have been so much fun being with you all. Love the journal you made!

Grove Street Journal said...

Both Chris and I have the Vibram Five Fingers shoes!

Gwen said...

I was sure I commented on this post, I love your journal! It was such a fun day, thank you for coming along. You always make things so much fun!