Saturday, January 29, 2011

My assignment for lesson #2 of my online class in watercolor journaling from Joggles was to go to a coffee shop and sketch and then color something. I chose to go to the mall, rather than to go to my usual haunt. Yes, chicken that I am I wanted to avoid all those folks I know while I sat there sketching! It worked out well as I was totally ignored, except for Nonie, who read the paper and kept me company. I enjoyed this assignment and found the lid of the cup to be a real challenge to paint. I wanted to get the shadows in but didn't want to lose the "whiteness" of the plastic lid.

Jane LaFazio, the instructor had some good criticisms of the little painting---she would have had me leave out the "graining"of the wood on the table and she, herself, would have left out the table all together. I can see that I got a little precious with the inked in graining of the wood, but I do like that the cup is grounded and not just "floating" in air. It is very helpful to get this teacher/student feedback from the assignments. I'm really glad I'm taking this class!


May said...

Starbucks? No supporting local businesses? Sheesh.

diane b said...

Coffee ut of cardboard/polystyrene?????
Glad you were there just to paint. It looks fine to me, the painting not the coffee.