Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pre-Hawaii "Housecleaning"

I am leaving for Hawaii on Monday and in preparation for the trip I have been cleaning house, both literally and figuratively. I found a few photos I have been meaning to share with you and thought now might be a good time to do so. The photo above was taken near my cabin. I love the winter sunset when viewed through bare branches. It always gets to me and this group of trees is on my way into my little house in the woods. I often stop to just take in the sun setting behind these winter trees.

And here we have the covers and inside covers for my China journal. I will be leaving on that trip in late April. I can't wait! China has been on my dream trip list for many, many years.

I have treated myself to a new watercolor palette and a few more tubes of Daniel Smith watercolors. I love the DS paints. I am not much of a watercolorist but I like to travel with watercolors as they are easy to pack. My new palette is small and holds a lot of paint. I think it's going to be perfect.
And, finally, I have to share a picture of my "helper." My cat, Orcie the Great and Terrible, calls this lolling by the computer, soaking up the heat from the infernal machine (his words, not mine)"helping." I'd have to say, not so much. Really. He's not helping. (Please ignore the terribly messy desk. It's one of those things I should be cleaning instead of blogging!)


Jennie said...

Orcie's helping... he's covering the desk so you don't have to clean it! ; ) Critter said, "dusting, maybe?"

We hope it's a great trip!

diane b said...

What happens to Orcie when you go away. China is on my 'bucket list' too. That cabin in the woods sounds idyllic,