Sunday, March 27, 2011

Admitting to Having a Book "Problem"

I was looking for a particular book this afternoon.  I checked the pile on my dresser.  Not there.

I checked the pile on my night stand, the pile on the left, and, no.  The book wasn't there.

I went to the big pile o'books on the prayer chair in the living room....and it wasn't there either.  

So I went back to the bedroom, checked the pile on the right side of my night stand.  Still no book.

I finally located the book in the kitchen, on the counter.  

It was at this point that it began to dawn on me just how out-of-control my book "problem" has become.  I have piles and piles and yet more piles of books all over the house.  I have four large bookcases, you must understand, but they won't hold all the books.  That's why I have piles.  And more piles.  

I love books.  (Obviously!)  I think having a stack of unread books is like having money in the bank....just waiting for a rainy day.  But, perhaps.....just maybe.....this is getting out of hand?

So I went for a walk and was rather startled to see how much more "spring" there is to see in town, only a few days later than my last photos of the stirrings of the warmer season.  It is getting to be down right colorful!  Things are popping up and budding and blooming and it's lovely---just really very lovely.

There are lovely tulips and daffodils and heather blooming outside the Historical Museum (right next door to me).

Some gorgeous azaleas were blooming in pots down on Third Avenue North.....

This house on 2nd Avenue is sporting a gorgeous spring garden.  It is truly lovely.

The seagulls even seem to be looking jaunty, not hunched over dripping wet.

One of my favorite pieces of local public art was getting a sunbath....

                                                          Seeing Whales, Richard Beyer, 2003, cast aluminum, gift from the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation

I think, just maybe, warmer (dryer?) weather may be on its way!


diane b said...

It is looking very promising and very colourful. It must be engaging to get your nose out of a book and into the gardens. Every now and then we have a book problem until I can't stand it any longer and then I have to do a cull and donate books to friends and charities.It used to be heart breaking but I'm getting better at it each time. I'm lucky in that I don't care for reading a book more than once so out they go.

magpie said...

do you know about librarything?
it doesn't help you locate a book but
it allows you to catalog your library.

as i used to buy books i already had this helped me imeasurably. i can access the website when i'm on the loose in a bookstore.