Friday, March 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

Outside my front window I can see a beautiful cherry tree, in full bloom. It gives me hope for warmer days, sunshine and blue skies. I think I remember what days like that feel like, but maybe's been a long winter.

My flowering quince is doing just that. I love quince. Beautiful deep pinky fuchsia petals against the stark brown branches is always startling and somehow thrilling.

My Lenten Rose (Hellebore) are blooming madly, beautifully. They are so reliable in my garden and brighten up the last wet, gray days of winter.

Everything is showing signs of waking up, budding out, turning green. It is a time fraught with hope and promise.

And the daffodils, of course, are showing their sunny faces everywhere in my little town.

Happy Spring!

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diane b said...

An exciting time for northerners. They are beautiful blooms and it must be uplifting to see them appear.