Monday, March 07, 2011

Birthday "Season" and the Missing Q

A few years ago I was having a belated birthday coffee with one of my sisters-in-law. I was explaining how I was sorry I was so very tardy in getting together with her to give her a birthday gift and to treat her to coffee (or lunch or whatever it was we were doing). She said, basically, "oh bosh, I like nothing more than a birthday 'season.'" She explained that if one did some careful planning and scheduling, you could turn a birthday into a birthday season, thus extending the fun and celebrations for a much longer period than one 24 day. It struck me as a brilliant idea and from that moment on I have been a huge proponent of birthday seasons.

This birthday season started out really well. My DH asked me last week if I wanted the new MacBook Pro I'd been drooling over and when I said "YES!" he told me to go order it. So I did. In fact, I am typing away right now on the new computer.

It has a Q! That might seem like a really silly thing to say, but my old laptop has been missing the Q key for over a year. You get really, really creative when you are missing a key. I could get a Q by writing a sentence in either email or in a word document and cut it out then paste it wherever it was that I needed it to go. I could avoid words with Q. I pulled my hair out (a lot) but I got by. But now I have a Q! And I find I want to say things like, "My, isn't it quite the queerest quandary Queenie has found herself quaking in?"and other such bosh. It is lovely to have a Q right there, waiting for you, yearning to be used.

It's always the little things, don't you think, that can make us so very happy.

Besides the lovely, lovely new computer, DH bought me two vertebrae that he found while walking in the dessert in Eastern Washington. Just lying there, on the ground.....and he brought them home to me. I love bones and nests and bits of this and that. The two vertebrae would have been just the nicest gift all on their own, but add them to a computer and you can see I am having a grand birthday season (and it's not yet even my birthday)! I am a lucky, lucky lady to be so well treated.

Yes. I am.


diane b said...

Well, Happy Birthday Season. We seem to do that too. I love my little MacBook but it is not a Pro. My daughter has one of those. You like old bones? Now that is quirky. Have fun with your new Q.

May said...

A little somethng for your Mac book is coming from apple but not until the 10th, thus extending your birthday season even more!

Anonymous said...

oh i that you have a Q you can play words like QI & QAT & QIS & TRANQ and lovely words like that when playing SCRABBLE!! On the eve of your actual birthday I wish you all the world will lay at your feet this birthday's a darn good start with a Mac Pro, bones and a Q. Be watching your mailbox....there's more on it's way!!xoxoxoxo
love you to pieces